‏Our Classes

‏Lia Pilates Studio offers two primary class styles to its members: Private and Group Mat.

‏Private classes are a one-on-one experience between student and instructor. Each lesson is conducted in a classic style, with each student’s unique abilities and skill level considered.
‏Private lessons take place in a fully functional equipment room, to guarantee the quality of instruction is free from interruption or outside distraction. Private lessons are perfect for the student interested in refining their skills beyond a group class setting, or those seeking to use pilates as a form of physical therapy. Lia pilates is proud to work with students recovering from injury or surgery and will tailor your lessons according to your comfort level.

Group Mat
‏Group settings are fundamental to the pilates experience. Students will grow their skills in the main studio room among the support of their peers. Lia Pilates combines traditional movements, rhythm and precision to quickly and collectively enhance the skills of the class. Every class will stimulate every major muscle group in the body, so students never have to worry about depriving themselves of a well-rounded workout. Every group session is fun, uplifting, and most importantly, productive.